260 Queens Quay West

Our 800 sq. ft. live/work studio doubles as a creative design studio during the day and as a personal living space at night. As such, the space undergoes a daily transformative process with the furniture often playing multiple roles. The living room television doubles as a work monitor by day, while the conference table and chairs double as a dining table set by night; bookshelves incorporate both studio and personal reading materials. On occasion, a roll of seamless paper, mounted above a 12' panorama taken of the familiar crowds gathered below the Mona Lisa (which can be seen at the far right), comes down to provide a backdrop for product photo shoots. A 4' nostalgic childhood tobogganing photo above the coffee station and playful "mugshots" of close friends and family screened onto side tables add a personal touch.

260 Queens Quay West; live/work studio.

The entry closet reveals suspended coat hangers made from aircraft cable.

An acrylic red cross marks the center of four unassuming cabinets...

... that open to reveal glassware, spirits, built-in ice buckets and a wine rack.

A 12' panorama taken of the familiar crowds gathered to see the Mona Lisa (which can be seen on the right) hangs above two workstations.

Playful "mugshots" of close friends and family adorn side tables.

A frosted glass partition separates the bedroom from the bathroom. When open, a repurposed LED sandwich board reads "VACANT"...

... when closed, the LED sandwich board reads "OCCUPIED" by way of remote. 

Detail; bathroom door pull.

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