(Bent) DOT Stool

In 1954, the iconic DOT stool was created as a result of the collaboration between Danish architect Arne Jacobsen and furniture manufacturer Fritz Hansen. Sixty years later, the (Bent) DOT stool is a restrained, yet thoughtful reinterpretation of this iconic piece; its circular profile ‘bent’ to form a modest backrest, and a cut-out handle to allow it to be lifted and moved with one hand.

Taking design cues from present-day design icon, Apple, and more specifically, the iPad, (Bent) DOT stool replaces painted veneer with a powder coated steel seat that allows for an upholstered seat cover, available in various colours, to magnetically snap in place. As a result, the consumer is able to change its appearance without replacing the entire stool. Its powder coated frame, and UV and water-resistant seat cover also make it appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use.

Vinyl foot caps conceal the ability to convert its standard 18” seat height to counter stool (24”), or bar stool seat height (30“) with the addition of 6”, or 12” leg extensions respectively. The result is a sustainable design for seating that is adaptive not only to change in consumer tastes but also to change in consumer needs.

(Bent) DOT stool assembles with minimal hardware (a single bolt and wing nut) and flat packs to a dimension of 18” x 18” x 2.5” (roughly the size of an extra-large pizza box) for shipping.

(Bent) DOT stool is a winner of the 2014 ICFF Studio Award (New York, NY) and is currently seeking a manufacturer.

(Bent) DOT Stool is a winner of the 2014 ICFF Studio Award (shown with magnetic seat cover).

The circular seat profile is ‘bent’ to form a modest backrest (shown with magnetic seat cover).

The cut-out handle allows the stool to be lifted and moved with one hand (shown with magnetic seat cover).

Front view; table (18"), counter (24"), and bar (30") height.

Rear view; table (18") height.

3/4 view; table (18") height.

3/4 view; table (18") height (shown with magnetic seat cover).

(Bent) DOT Stool; height (varies; shown with magnetic seat cover in various colors).

Side view; table (18") height (shown in 'matte black' with magnetic seat cover).

(Bent) DOT Stool - Assembly (0:35)

(Bent) DOT Stool - Defying Gravity (0:23)